Culver, Oregon 2018
Concrete Pour Isolation at Hydropower Station

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A telehandler forklift was used to offload the AquaDam from the trailer it arrived on, haul the dam halfway down the canyon to a flat landing, then load the dam along the center of a piece of earth moving equipment. Culver, Oregon 2018
This earth mover hauled the 12ft AquaDam from the landing area, down a 25% grade road with a 180degree descending turn. Culver, Oregon 2018
The excavator was used to unload the dam from the earth mover, and transport the dam to the starting zone on the right side of the photo. Culver, Oregon 2018
Overview of the installation site. Culver, Oregon 2018
Looking down the installation path. The AquaDam has been unwrapped. Culver, Oregon 2018
The excavator was used to unroll the AquaDam and ensure proper alignment. Culver, Oregon 2018
The AquaDam was unrolled to the base of the sandbag wall. Additional sandbags will be placed as the dam is filling. As the dam grows in height, it will unroll up and over the sandbags, with some help. Culver, Oregon 2018
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