Culver, Oregon 2018
Concrete Pour Isolation at Hydropower Station

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The 12' tall, 85' long Self-Elevating AquaDam was installed just upstream of a hydroelectric feed pool overflow. The contractor needed the AquaDam in place to protect future concrete pours in case of high water levels resulting from a load rejection at the hydro plant. Culver, Oregon 2018
This project site was 800ft below ground level, in a deep canyon. At times, the road achieved a 25% grade, and 4wd was mandatory. Culver, Oregon 2018
Installation site prior to AquaDam placement. The Aquam will reach from the excavator to the large pile of meter-bags on the left. The meter bags were placed to support the AquaDam and keep it out of the low-flow channel that feeds the intake structure. Culver, Oregon 2018
Detail of the meter-bag sandbag wall. All sandbags were tied together with a web of ropes. Additional bags had to be placed after this picture was taken, to properly support the end of the 12ft tall AquaDam. Culver, Oregon 2018
Looking down the AquaDam deployment path, from the top of the sandbag wall. Culver, Oregon 2018
The deep channel that we are trying to avoid. Culver, Oregon 2018
Another view of the installation site Culver, Oregon 2018
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