Centralia, CA 2008
Pond Bank Isolation

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This is 16' high, 212' long AquaDam. It will be installed in an HDPE lined pond, to isolate a bank, allowing a culvert to be installed. Centralia, CA 2008
The AquaDam is unrolled at a 90 degree angle to the bank. The open end of the AquaDam is elevated on a dirt berm, and clamped to the excavator. Centralia, CA 2008
The fill-tubes at the open end of the AquaDam have been pulled up and over this dirt berm. Elevating the fill-tubes above the rest of the AquaDam is essential! Centralia, CA 2008
The AquaDam continues to unroll as water is pumped in. Centralia, CA 2008
Fully installed, the AquaDam rises above the surrounding waters, isolating the work area to allow dewatering pumps to expose the area to be worked on. Centralia, CA 2008
3" diameter discharge water pumps are used to dewatering the work area. Centralia, CA 2008
This 16' high AquaDam is an older model, manufactured without an internal stabilizing baffle skirts. Today, all AquaDams 3' in height and taller are "baffled", in order to increase stability. This unbaffled AquaDam has shifted closer to the work area due to the pressure from disparate water depths present on either side of the AquaDam. Centralia, CA 2008
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