Fish Habitat Restoration Project
Cascade Mountains, OR - 2000

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This is a joint venture in Oregon between the Dept. of Fish & Game, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service, and the Bureau of Reclamation to improve the habitat of this stream for endangered salmon. An 8' high x 100' long closed-ended AquaDam® was used. 
Notice the difference in the water color between the upstream and downstream sides of the AquaDam®. Because of the extreme angle of the hillside where the AquaDams® had to start, a 4' high x 40' long closed-ended backup AquaDam® had to be placed behind it. Notice the white pipe which runs underneath the 8' high AquaDam®. This will eventually extend through the work area to allow the water flow entering the pool to pass. This way, water will not build up behind the AquaDam®. 

The work area has been dewatered. Notice the worker in the orange hat and yellow rain jacket in the bottom left of the picture. This is looking straight down the bank of a major road that is leaking water through it's foundation. During summertime low flows, this vital habitat pool, teeming with thousands of fish could no longer be regulated because of the severe leakage.
A trench will be dug and filled up with a certain type of soil that will seal the foundation of the roadway to stop the leakage. This way, the man-made culvert gates that extend underneath the road could open and shut to regulate the water flow. You can see the difference in the water quality from one side of the pool to the other, as well as the difference in elevation. The rocks behind the worker have been placed there to give the AquaDam® support.

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