Lake Dewatering
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO (2000)
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Notice the attachment collar rolled up at the rounded end of the 8' AquaDam®. The rusty-looking metal that used to be under water is the side of the old hotel pool, which is going to renovated to meet the demands of the 21st century.  
Colorado Springs, CO
A space was left so that seepage water coming from underneath the primary AquaDam® could be bled off. This was a terrible design defect. After 7 days, the inside tube on the right-hand side of the 13' AquaDam® ruptured. After 8 hours the hole increased in size to the point that pumping could not keep up.
Colorado Springs, CO
This was our first attempt at an installing an AquaDam® of this size. The hotel management knew that this water depth would be a first for AquaDams®, and accepted the disaster very graciously, even agreeing to pay part of the cost of trying to save the fish.  
Colorado Springs, CO