Lake Dewatering
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO (2000)
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Installation of the first 8' backup AquaDam® has been completed. Another 8' AquaDam® has been partially unrolled (you can see it next to the black 6' AquaDam® in front of the workers) prior to moving it to the end of the other white 8' AquaDam® for attachment. 
Colorado Springs, CO
All AquaDams® have been installed and dewatering is almost complete. The largest AquaDam® is approximately 13' in height. Water depth has been reduced from a maximum of 10.5' to a depth of 8.5'. This reduced the head pressure on the side of the water-filled cofferdam to the agreed upon depth. 
Colorado Springs, CO
Dewatering was accomplished with four 6" discharge pumps, set on a custom-made, floating pontoon platform, allowing it to be moved. The bottom of the lake has become very muddy over time. The screens had to be cleaned constantly which did not allow for efficient discharge pumping.
Colorado Springs, CO