Lake Dewatering
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO (2000)
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Overview of the completed AquaDam® installation involving a 14' x 250' AquaDam® to control 8.5' of water. This was backed up with an 8' AquaDam® and 6' AquaDams®. The hotel stayed in full operation during the course of the project. Unfortunately, the large AquaDam® failed after 7 days.
Colorado Springs, CO
The lake has been dewatered on the near side. The majority of the lake is on the other side of the foot bridge. This portion of the lake was not drained due to abundant fish life.  A fish-salvage operation took place on the dewatered side.
Colorado Springs, CO
Step 1 was to install the large AquaDam®. At this point the AquaDam® is filled to about 10' in height. Prior to dewatering, lake depth is approximately 10' at the deepest point. Workers are standing on the end of a 6' high AquaDam®, which has an 8' high AquaDam® (white roll) attached to the end via the coupling collar.
Colorado Springs, CO