Austin, TX 2012
Boat Ramp Extension

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A boat-ramp needs to be isolated, dewatered, and worked on. A 10' tall, 388' long AquaDam was chosen to control the expected onsite water depth of 7.5'. Austin, TX 2012
Staging area. Austin, TX 2012
The 10' AquaDam rests upon several 8' AquaDams, which may be installed to support the 10' AquaDam if water levels are deeper than anticipated. Austin, TX 2012
Rubber-tired equipment was used to minimize damage to the concrete and turf. Austin, TX 2012
This is the landing bank for the 10' tall AquaDam. Austin, TX 2012
Backing the trailer up to waters edge Austin, TX 2012
This AquaDam weighed approximately 15,500 lbs. Austin, TX 2012
Despite its weight, the AquaDam floats once placed in the water. Austin, TX 2012
A small boat was used to manuever the AquaDam into place. Austin, TX 2012
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